Specific Issues with Loftplan Designs Limited

1. The Poor Quality of the Brickwork

There has been no reasonable care or skill taken on any of the brickwork undertaken on our home by Loftplan Designs Limited.  We initially raised our concerns at the beginning of April 2014 when without warning they started to remove the scaffolding, indicating that the work was complete in their eyes.

The specific issues with the brickwork are as follows:

Loftplan  Designs Limited reneged on their commitment to redo the brickwork during three separate meetings, and so on the recommendation of the Federation of Master Builders, we instigated the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Adjudication process in July 2014.

2.  Cavity wall ties

Building Control have verified that there are insufficient cavity wall ties to comply with Part A. Structure of the Building Regulations 2000.  We first raised our concerns during the build that there seemed to be an inadequate number of ties and were told categorically that the correct number were being used.  It was only when the extent of the poor brickwork became evident that we became concerned and researched the matter, which further convinced us we were right.  However, Loftplan continued to maintain that sufficient ties had been inserted, insisting this was a basic practice and they wouldn’t make such an error, and we didn’t push the point in April, because we had received their commitment at this point to replace all the brickwork with the exception of the left gable end, but even then they had agreed to rebuild this if our suspicions regarding insufficient ties were proved true. Furthermore we had contacted Building Control and they had agreed to attend the demolition to verify the ties.  It was after Loftplan reneged on this commitment that we contacted Building Control again and following a site visit, during which the inspector remarked on the poor quality of the brickwork, he suggested he could carry out a retrospective inspection of a section of wall using a Borescope camera.  This he did on 26th June 2014 and notified Loftplan by phone on the same day, confirming by email on 7th July 2014. 

3.  Cavity Trays

Given points 1 and 2 above, coupled with the fact that there are no weep holes above the side gable window (something that again we have had to bring to Loftplan’s attention), we were also concerned that there were issues with the cavity trays, which in fact there are, again despite Loftplan’s assurances to the contrary.  But by drilling through from the inside to access the cavity above the window opening on the left gable wall, it was evident that there is a build up of mortar debris which doesn’t comply with Building Regulations as the cavity must be kept clear, and that the cavity tray has been fixed to the face of the membrane covering the timber frame, rather than being tucked in behind it, which is not good building practice.


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