Overview of our dealings with Loftplan Designs Limited

Loftplan Designs Limited started work on extending our home and converting our loft in January 2014. 

In April 2014 we had to point out the very poor workmanship and non-compliance with Building Regulations, and after a three month period of being treated appallingly and of outright rudeness, we  took the matter to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), which ended up on their recommendation with us having to instigate the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors' Adjudication process in July 2014.

The adjudicator’s decision was that “the workmanship to the bricklaying is very poor” and “sufficiently significant that it is necessary to demolish and re-build complete”.  Having lost all confidence in Loftplan Designs Limited’s ability, the decision furthermore stated that Loftplan had to pay for another company to do this and Loftplan Designs Limited were ordered to pay us the full amount by 16th September 2014.  They failed to do this and on 18th September 2014 telephoned us to say they would not be paying in their usual obnoxious manner.

The FMB promptly contacted Loftplan as they were in serious breach of their membership, and as our home still didn’t meet Building Regulations and will be prone to damp problems due to Loftplan’s work, Building Control also said that they would put pressure on them to pay up.

However it was only when we advised Mr Bernasconi that we were filing court papers for summary judgement, that he sent us a cheque.

It was us who had to point out all of the issues with the brickwork to Loftplan Designs Limited as David Bernasconi’s version of quality control is if the customer doesn’t notice, there is nothing wrong.  And if it wasn’t for us, Building Control would have signed off a non-compliant build, as Loftplan continually maintained that they had inserted sufficient ties and correctly installed the cavity trays.

If you are unfortunate enough to have dealings with David Bernasconi, you should expect to be at least abused – unfortunately we regret we didn’t record any of the conversations, but this email is typical and was his response during the adjudication process.

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