Loftplan's Accounts

David Bernasconi has had two loft conversion companies:

Loftplan Ltd – this company went into creditors' voluntary liquidation on 28 January 2009, which basically means the company was insolvent and unable to meet its debts.  In an attempt to hide this, Loftplan Ltd changed its name to DSRR Trading Ltd prior to liquidation on 8 January 2009.  So for anyone who used Loftplan Ltd, the guarantee was worthless from January 2009 onwards.

Loftplan  Designs Limited – for the period ending 30 April 2013, Loftplan Designs Limited's accounts show that it has net current liabilities of £43k, meaning that at that date they have more to pay out in the next 12 months than they expect to receive, which could suggest serious cash flow issues.

Given the state of Loftplan Designs Limited's accounts above, you would have thought that he would have wanted to file his accounts for the period ending 30 April 2014 as early as possible, but as of 22 March 2015 these accounts are almost two months overdue. This would suggest that either his accounting is as sloppy as his building work or the company's financial circumstances have not improved or may have even deteriorated.