*** UPDATE: Remedial works have been completed; further issues with Loftplan's work have been revealed ***

Loftplan Designs Limited Review/Reviews: Poor Brickwork

Would you want your home to look like this?

Loftplan Designs Limited have carried out extensive brickwork on our home, all of which is very poor and doesn’t comply with Building Regulations (this photo is just a sample; see our photo gallery for more of Loftplan Designs Limited's work), to the extent that it must all be demolished and rebuilt as ordered by an independent adjudicator.

But David Bernasconi, Director of Loftplan Designs Limited, states “we feel that generally the quality of the brickwork is acceptable”, and with regards to the section in the photo “the brickwork is acceptable with some attention to the first three courses”.   As the brickwork clearly resembles a child's drawing, his comments demonstrate the poor quality of workmanship to which he aspires.

We have created this website because we want to make public the very poor workmanship and atrocious manner in which we have been treated by this company (see an example of Loftplan's poor treatment of us), which has caused us significant stress.  We don’t want anyone else to suffer as we have and furthermore strongly recommend that if you have had any brickwork done by Loftplan Designs Limited as part of  your loft conversion, that you get it checked – it was only through our perseverance that our brickwork has been proven by Building Control, via a retrospective inspection, to be non-compliant – there are insufficient cavity wall ties and the cavity trays are unacceptable!

(Please also note that it is not just us with these issues: read more Loftplan Designs Limited reviews)

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